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 Prickly Pete's Platoon  

is a Warrior Clan

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Year 4065: The Earth

A post-apocalyptic world, that feels like a leftover. Humans have extracted every bit of resource that they could, before fleeing to Kepler and TOI. Earth was now a home to forests of dilapidated buildings, rivers of obsolete objects and mountains of junk and garbage, with it's atmosphere extremely polluted with smoke and radioactive gases...Can there be a revival?? In fact should there be a revival??

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Meet the "PLATOON"

Why should the Platoon Bots have all the Fun!! 
Prickly Pete has decided to give you all the power to custom build your own Cactoons without any limit and enjoy sharing them within your social circles!! This is just a teaser of what our Roadmap beholds for you all, when the Platoon Forge Upgradation Decks will get activated during Mutation Seasons...

Features of  Prickly Pete PLATOON

Multiple NFT Series

The Prickly Pete’s Platoon Project is based on a fictional lore, set in a future dystopic world. It contains multiple NFT collections, that gradually complete the Lore

Limited Series Auctions

2 Rounds of Auction are upcoming. 5 Legendary Toons will be auctioned out soon…while the 50 Battleground Arenas will happen in July

Metaverse Integration

The project would finally move towards metaverse integration, land ownership, land development, and much more…that will be revealed towards the end of 2022

Passive Earning with $PETE

Almost all the NFT collections can be staked, which will generate passive earning in the form of $PETE. This earning can be used to mint further collections in the Roadmap. Staking rewards will continue for about 2 years

Merchandise, Comics, Games

Brand merchandise, comic strip NFTs & comic books, an IRL board game…hell lot of stuff that can be purchased using $PETE in the future

Mutation Game

Prickly Pete’s Platoon NFT Holders can play the Mutation Game, where they can customize an NFT by making certain choices while selecting attributes that bring together a Mutant New Avatar NFT

P2E Online Game

A Play-to-Earn battle game is being built, where our NFT holders can play in PvE & PvP modes and earn rewards. The collection of rewards holds several other NFTs and NFT parts, which can be assembled within our gamified ecosystem

The 4 Warrior Clans

Electro cact.png

Electro Cact

Platoon Head - Globe Queen Electra


This platoon members have mutated themselves with electrical conduits and wires. They now roam on Earth, fighting for electricity sources. They learnt the art of transmitting as well as storing electricity within their bodies from their Platoon General - Globe Queen Electra. Their bodies have small pockets of storage within, where they love to store the eyes of their enemies, thereby further helping themselves in efficient navigation and combat.

Powers - Defence, Speed, Crushing Strength, Storage, Anger Management

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Parched Cact

Platoon Head - General Peter Parcher


The Scorching Sun, Radioactivity, Severe Cold, Acid Rains…This platoon has travelled extensively on Earth, in search of a safe haven. All that effort went to vain, barring one - Their transformed bodies. They have developed an external sheath of protection - rugged, parched but defensive. Very few weapons can penetrate this sheath. They keep on bleeding, thereby making their sheaths even more stronger and defensive. Their Platoon Head - General Peter Parcher have led them on many expeditions in search of a life bearing potion on Earth.

Powers - Defence, Speed, Crushing Strength, Storage, Anger Management

Boney Cact

Platoon Head - Lord Bone-fide


Earth had one thing in abundance, which this platoon used extensively to their benefit - Bones. Dried up human and animal bones and skulls were to be seen everywhere. The platoon has developed a unique internal body structure made of such collected bones that give them additional strength, balance and support, defence and attack modes as well as ease of mobility. The Boney Cact platoon is led by Lord Bone-fide, who is a surgeon warlord and has intricately transformed the bodies of the member Toons himself, thus making them stronger and ready for combat.

Powers - Speed, Defence, Balance, Crushing Strength.

Parched cact.png

Melting Cact

Platoon Head - Captain Candlestick


The desolate, derelict Earth had devastating effects of Human exploitation and misuse. Few of the major concerns are very extremely high and low temperatures, chemical imbalances, radioactive effects etc, that led to biological transformations in the Cactoon bodies. The Melting Cact Platoon, led by Captain Candlestick, have used these adversities to their strength. The melting cactoons  let their bodies melt, thereby oozing out plasma gel, poisonous chemicals, and aquasols, that they have mutated themselves with. These melting chemicals enable them to attack their enemies by chemically combining and finally engulfing them within their bodies. Their Platoon General - Captain Candlestick, resembled a never ending melting candle, losing himself at one moment and then regenerating into someone more powerful, in the next..

Powers - Defence, Engulfing and digesting, Storage.

Prickly Pete Creators

Profile pic Sourav black_edited.jpg

Da Vinci


An artist by heart, my brain is trained as an architect, a geographer and an anthropologist

Profile pic Bhupen black_edited.jpg

Turing Complete


I believe binary is the language of the universe. Beer guzzler, Racing Junkie

Profile pic Madhur black_edited.jpg

Dreamy Bunny

Research and Outreach

Part time architect full time dreamer. Super hyped about everything that is art

Profile pic Srutee black_edited.jpg

Pixel Crazy


I de-pixelate the overall picture and fabricate working prototypes