This Key was found by Prickly Pete during his trek through the forests of Eastern Europe, somewhere close to present day Belarus. In an abandoned Nuclear plant, our Legendary Toon had to take shelter during a week long snow-storm. Out of boredom and curiosity, he started exploring the wrecked building, which has ceased to function many years ago.


In one of the machine rooms deep beneath the Earth surface, he found The Tripartite - A Three Part Key, connected through an embedded screw. When turned against each other the screw triggers a lock inside and the front flanks of the Key starts rotating and solving certain permutations and combinations inside the lock, leading to unpacking a unique code each time it is used.


Prickly Pete was amazed by this modern, scientific mechanism and he decided to carry one along with him, as he could gauge its future role in the Platoon Forge. Later on, he passed on this key to his much trusted Environmental Warriors, who made several copies of the Key and distributed among themselves, with a clear directive - NEVER GIVE IT AWAY FOR CHEAP!!


It was year 2724 AD...The perpetual conflict between the Australian First Nation Tribes and the White Colonists seemed to be finally ending for good. This amalgam between the 2 cultures paved the way for a world marked with peaceful alliances among various clans and communities.


This amalgam between the 2 Cultures in the smallest inhabited continent was marked by the Treaty of Woolloongabba between the official head of the Australian Government and the elected leader of the First Nation Tribal Party. This confluence was heralded as the Amalgam of Fire and Water...and was deemed to be an exemplar of peace for many generations to come...


The Treaty of Woolloongabba was encoded in a Smart Contract and was embedded within this Key - The Amalgam. As per Prickly Pete, the holder of this key inherits the best of both worlds - Of Fire and Water...and can hence, broker peace among conflicted minds...


Hence...NEVER GIVE IT AWAY FOR CHEAP.... Coz the Key comes along with great responsibilities...

Key 3 - Final.png


During the invasion of Egypt by Alexander the Great, a massive fatal epidemic crippled his army...Lore had it that each of his soldiers were turning black as char, before crumbling down into powder and ashes... At that moment, Alexander had to bow down in front of the Sun God - Ra for his divine intervention...This key is an emblem of that dialogue, which Prickly Pete managed to unearth from beneath an Obelisk that was constructed by Alexander before leaving the Egyptian mainland.


The key - Enigma, holds a magical spell within it's blue jewel, amidst the interlocked rings of Gold, which marks a certain constellation at that moment when Ra came down to answer Alexander's worries...This Key opened the ever-locked fortunes of Alexander's Army who came under the spell of evil mistresses, during their descent along the Nile...and saved many from crumbling into Ashes...


Prickly Pete believes that this Key still holds the spirit of Ra - The Sun God...and sees it as a Victory of Good over Evil... Hence...NEVER GIVE IT AWAY FOR CHEAP!!


With the advent of Machines and Web Technology, many cultures and traditional systems of knowledge, started getting rebuked as primitive, baseless and outdated. But often, such marginalization happened in order to divert the human mind to a certain form of societal prowess, which considered the Earth as a base of extraction and exploitation.


Similar was the Story of the Shamans from Central America, whose way of understanding the voice of our Planet and conversing with her, was much beyond the understanding of the technocrats and capitalists. During a major forest raiding & clearing mission, led by a huge team of tech experts and robots, a small forest community in Panama found itself endangered, and the village commons summoned their Shaman Head.


Through an elaborate ritual, the Shaman created a set of insanely poisonous keys that held the poison of a thousand vipers in it's spikes, hidden within a secret chamber, which would erupt when in wrong hands. A couple of deaths happened due to the keys and the forest raiders had to retreat back...for the love of their lives.


The viper continues to protect the realm...through many different forms and manifestations of itself... The Holder is endowed with huge responsibility...Hence NEVER GIVE IT AWAY FOR CHEAP!!



This key has seen more water than land in its lifetime...

Being a part of the Viking and Pirate traditions, The Seafarer stood witness to many sacrifices and it spent its life among madmen and savages, who found peace in the deathly oceans.

The seafarer was born out of rusted steel from the bottom of ships and hence was considered a continuum of viking traditions..."Men may come and men may go, but the Seafarer would never bow" used to be a common belief among these Madmen...


When colonization begun, many of these viking clans were imprisoned or killed...and some sent to reformation camps...but none could capture The Seafarer, which till date holds the secrets behind the biggest loots in the history of Mankind.


Prickly Pete found The Seafarer along the western coast of Africa, lying there, bundled with a viking medallion, in the murky, muddy shores of a wasteland, which was once the Atlantic Ocean, a couple of centuries back...


Prickly Pete believes that The Seafarer holds the map to revive the Planet Earth... So, DO NOT GIVE IT UP FOR CHEAP!!


This key has its lineage to the Indian Subcontinent, embedded within the mythological realms of the region. The Mantra is said to be the creation of Lord Shiva - The Indian God of Creation and Destruction. The Mantra holds several logical combinations within each of the rings along its shaft, that explains the ideals of life and death...


The Mantra was given to Ravana by Lord Shiva as he was the only knowledgeable who could crack all the logical combinations embedded within the Key, thereby giving him certain powers that were unmatched on Earth. Ravana hailed from a region which is known to be present day Sri Lanka. He was a very able ruler and had a stable kingdom...but jealousy and greed led to his utter doom.


The Mantra travelled with him in many of his successful conquests and finally got buried in Sri Lanka, with the death of Ravana in the hands of Rama, who used the "Brahma-Shastra" to finally end the Mad King's life...It is believed in folklore that this key holds the spirit of both Rama and Ravana...both Creation and Destruction...both good and evil...and depending upon the holder, the rings organize themselves to bring out the true colours of human intentions...SO IT SHOULD NEVER FALL IN THE WRONG HANDS...


Rules For Minting The keys

  • For all those minting a Key using $PETEs, which we assume to be about 350 Keys, the cost of Minting would be 9000 $PETEs, which should be equal to about 450 $USDC (with a base calculation of 0.05 $USDC / $PETE)

  • For all those minting a key using $SOL, which we assume to be about 150 Keys only, the cost of Minting would be 2.80 SOL, which is slightly lesser than 450 $USDC

  • Those who have insufficient $PETEs this time, please remember that there are many more stages to come within the project where $PETE will be used as the only method of transaction. The nearest one after this is the Platoon Bots Mint - each of which is worth 5000 $PETEs

  • As was announced earlier, there will be a 12-Hour window for minting with $PETE, followed by a 12-Hour cooling period and then another 12-Hour window for minting with $SOL. No keys will be burnt if not minted during this period. They shall be retained by the dev team and will be used for giveaways / promotions

  • Beyond the Forge Keys Mint, the EW holders will continue receiving $PETE airdrops, as they are receiving presently, and once the staking protocol is active, the airdrops will cease and a periodical earning for the EW holders will be initiated. Remember, the EWs are only 500 versus the 1440 OGs...hence the earning of EWs through staking is also gonna be higher than the OGs. Details will be announced soon

  • The Magic Eden Listing of the Platoon Forge Keys will happen soon after the Mint ends. We expect the floor price to go well above 2.80 SOL, as the keys come along with the assurance of big earning possibilities during the mutation season (24000 $PETEs over 6 Mutation Seasons)