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 Art for "The Earth" 

As we complete the sequential stages of our roadmap, we will continue donating 20% of the creator's fee, and assisting grassroot Environmental Organizations, primarily working in the domain of the developing societies of the world.

Environmental Assistance Plan of Action

Our grants and funding activities focus on the Global South - the developing societies across the world. We plan to work closely with multiple organizations who are engaged in promising a better future…a sustainable future to such developing communities.

We are keen on working towards prevention of forest degradation; clean water initiatives; waste management - collection, disposal, and treatment; adaptive reuse and ‘Best out of Waste Practices’; along with global Non-Profits who are focused on a better tomorrow.

The charity will be distributed along these lines -

  1. Non-Profit Organizations working in the domain of environmental degradation - specifically forest covers, clean water, waste to value practices etc. 

  2. Scientific Research on Material lifespans; plastic replacement and reuse; water systems; waste management etc.

  3. Community awareness and sensitization programs. The attempt would be to teach people to care for the Earth - as it is a limited world and can’t support unlimited wants. We plan to fund grassroots initiatives as a part of this.

  4. Support and Fund Climate Change activism and resistance to capitalist expansion / encroachment projects.   

  5. We plan to fund Policy Design Organizations. We believe in a world marked with social and environmental justice and balance. Policy and legality plays a major role in such endeavors. Thus our intent to fund such processes as well.

The intention is to holistically attack the problem at hand - a depleting planet, almost speeding towards a state of resource-less-ness, due to constant human intervention. The Platoon Community will vote on all such decisions using the Platoon DAO.


Environmental Support, NFT collectibles, Airdrop

  • Phase - 1

The world is in shatters. No hopes of revival. The first 3000 Toons are discovered by the extra-terrestrial visitors. Savage, Brutal and killing each other for the least of reasons.

  • Phase - 2

20% of the initial sales will be donated to Environmental Foundations.
Here we will begin our path to revival.
Mint price 1.5 SOL
Total estimated collection 4500 SOL
20% environmental support = 900 SOL (180,000 USD at present)
(All values are approximate and would depend upon market conditions.)

  • Phase - 3

20% of the royalties will continue to accrue in a community wallet. This wallet will be used for the formation of Platoon DAO and the usage of this capital will be voted upon.

  • Phase - 4

All the Toons will get a companion, their very own Platoon Bots.
These will be airdropped to all the holders within a month of the project launch.

  • Phase - 5

The extra-planetary visitors explore other parts of the broken Earth in further search for Life-forms. The story would unveil what they encounter


DAO, Community wallet

We go live with the Platoon DAO. Here the community can vote upon the charities who will receive our further donations and the fate of the community wallet.


The Comic Book

The story has further unpacked the battle between the Platoon and the Jello Bots. This gets featured in a series of comics that will be made available to our Platoon members.


The Jello Bots

An awesome surprise from the parallel world will unfold!! All Toons stay tuned!
Who knows what awaits down this road?


The Prickly Pete’s Platoon Board game

Non-screen games are gradually being pushed to oblivion. Using art as a tool, we plan to revive the practise of board games. This is also intentional towards reducing screen time engagement issues across the world. 


The Green Platoon

The revival engine is activated. Let’s see what’s on the other side. Let’s see who reclaims the Earth. Let’s find out how beautiful our planet once was.



Prickly Pete’s Merchandise are out. Go with the flow. Show the world that you're a Toon. We will focus only on recycled objects and everyday materials for developing a range of products. Let’s go Green, Toons!!
Our online brand store is launched, no need to search for our products elsewhere.