Phase 1.1


We Create | People Decide | Earth Survives 


The creators of 'Prickly Pete’s Platoon' realized that the NFT space is highly speculative and hence seemingly unpredictable. People choose for projects which does not have a clear roadmap but is backed by strong influencers while there are other projects with a solid plan not making the cut. 


The NFT space is dependent on the crypto market flux, hence the slightest change in crypto space creates a FUD. In these times, how can one decide upon a Fair Mint Price? Over and above, how does people's decisions reflect upon a Fair Minting Price? 


Based on these observations, the first 1500 Cactoons of the Prickly Pete's Platoon ecosystem is going to be minted for FREE. Though with every transactions on secondary marketplaces, the creators will receive a token 10% as creator's fee. Therefore, if the people find the promises to be worthy, they will reward us with this creator's fee. (20% of this creator's fee will be donated to various Environmental Charities periodically). In this sense, we will ultimately achieve a democratic system - Decision of the people | Created by the people | The Earth for the people.



Based on the average value of all Secondary Marketplace Transactions of the FREE MINT Cactoons, which will be recorded 5 times a day for a minimum period of 7 days, a fairly assessed Price for the remaining 1500 Cactoons will be derived and announced. 


This will be a PRICED MINT and will also have a Pre-Sale window. The Pre-Sale will include all whitelisted members of the Platoon (Both from Twitter and Discord) and all giveaways / airdrops will be upheld in this stage. The FREE MINT phase will not have any reserved position and will be a totally Fair process.


A lower royalty of 5% will be charged from each secondary marketplace transactions. 

20% of the Initial Sale Collection will be donated for our environmental cause.


Phase 1.2


Prickly Pete brings along a swarm of Machine Friendlies - Custom Bots that would become Companions, Partners, Protectors of the Cactoons when at war against the Jello Bots. With capacities to levitate, they repair damaged body parts of the Cactoons periodically, along with attacking the Jello Bots tactically.


We Plan to develop a 5000 strong Platoon Bot Companion Army, of which there will be a pre-sale window for all the OG Cactoon Holders. They will be able to Mint a Companion Platoon Bot for half the regular price of that series. 


Stage 2: COMPANION PLATOON BOTS - (Public-Sale)

After the pre-sale is culminated, the remaining Platoon Bots will be made available for a public mint. This will be a regular Price Mint. But owning a Platoon Bot will act like a partner key to the later stages in the project. 


Phase 1.3


Upgrade your Avatar. Customize your NFT. 

The launch of the Platoon Forge is a premium, special access event within the Prickly Pete’s Platoon ecosystem. This will be accessible only to OG Cactoon and Platoon Bot Holders. This is where the two NFT series behave as keys to the even powerful mutations of the Cactoons, as was imagined by the Platoon Leader - Prickly Pete. This upgradation / customization of Avatar Series will be a coveted, highly premium series of this Ecosystem.


With this the Phase 1.0 of the Project is culminated. By this time, we would have delivered quite a few unique NFT series and ideas to our community. And along the way, we would keep planning for Phase 2.0 and beyond.